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Discount NinjaScout Motorcycle Tour 4 Days/3 Nights: Yuya Onsen, Kiso, Chino

Day 1 of NinjaScout Japan Motocycle Tour
Tokyo to Yuya Onsen
Your first day of riding is a quick trip out of the city down south, past Mt. Fuji, and into the countryside. After taking a break in the Ikawa Lake area, you will get your first taste of some twisty roads leading to your accommodations.

Yuya Onsen is one of Japan's top 100 hot spring resorts, and over 1300 years of history. Enjoy a nice soak, and get plenty of sleep- a big day of riding awaits you tomorrow!

Accommodations: Standard Class with Dinner and Breakfast served
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Day 2 of NinjaScout Japan Motocycle Tour
Yuya Onsen to Kiso
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From Yuya Onsen, you will be hitting the road towards Kiso. While we have scouted the area thoroughly for our romance package tours with pillion riders, we have not had the chance to try out some sections of the course with more technical riding involved. That is where you come in! We can tell you for a certainty that the area is a beautiful collection of mountains and valleys, so however the actual road goes, you are guaranteed some very scenic vistas.

Accommodations: Standard Class with Dinner and Breakfast served
Day 3 of NinjaScout Japan Motocycle Tour
Kiso to Yokoya Onsen in Chino
Today's ride includes the world famous Venus Line- a twisty scenic trip through the mountains, along with a trip on the Utsukushigahara Skyline. A very enjoyable day of riding, with a couple of places marked on your map worth getting off the bike to stretch your legs and enjoy a snack. All this leads to Yokoya Onsen in Chino, an unusual hot springs even to the Japanese, with its unique carbon and iron baths.

Accommodations: Standard Class with Dinner and Breakfast
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Day 4 of NinjaScout Japan Motocycle Tour
Yokoya Onsen to Tokyo
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Its the last day of the ride, but we take advantage of some great riding between here and Tokyo, and will send you along the Tenbozan Bushu Highway. Its a great way to end your trip, but stay focused on the ride. Some technical portions will have you twisting and turning in some narrow sections. Have fun, but ride safe!

Accommodations: Deluxe Class with Dinner and Breakfast

Your Mission: Ride. then enjoy an evening and morning at our target ryokan. Report back to us- was it fun? Details, please!
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