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Japan Motorcycle Tours Ninjatours Mt Fuji at sunrise

Want to save 10% or more on your tour package? Looking for adventure? Got a camera?

Be a Ninja Scout!

We enjoy riding, but there are some roads we haven’t ridden and some ryokans where we haven’t visited yet. We THINK they’re really fun and awesome, but we have to be sure. That’s where YOU come in!
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Your mission - Explore these awesome mystery roads, or try a night at our targeted ryokan.

Your responsibilities - Take some photos and notes, and tell us what you experienced!

Your reward - Save up to 35% on your Ninja Scout package tour!

It’s that simple.
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1 Mission AVAILABLE! Click for details!
Central Als Course Scout save 10% over regular package price. June-October bookings only.  Solo or pillion or small groups ok!