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Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture

Visit the scenic Shiraito Waterfalls, unique in that there is no lake nearby- the water comes from undergound volcanic springs! How about a trip to Onioshidashi Park, home to a temple built upon volcanic rocks? In the mood for shopping? There are both classic and traditional shopping opportunities in town. And how about a scenic view? Take a trip to Usui Pass where you can see the Japan alps.

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Superior Accommodations : Add from 16,200~ yen/person

Superior accommodations means superior dining and accommodation choices! Renown for it’s Italian cuisine and its cottage-style luxury rooms, why not treat yourself to a night in one of the best rooms in Karuizawa? At booking, you can request a classic, modern, or log cabin style room.
Hotel Karuizawa Hotel Preston Court japan tour

Deluxe Accommodations : Add from 8,400~ yen/person

If it isn’t clear by now, the Japanese take their baths seriously. Tokiwa kan takes it up to to another level entirely. Literally. The hot springs are located in a forest half-way up a mountain, and are accessed by mini cablecars! Of course, as these are deluxe accommodations, you can expect great food and a level up in service.

Hotel Karuizawa Tokiwakan japan tour

Standard Accommodations : INCLUDED in your package price!

The owner of this comfortable and casual place is a former hotel chef, who moved out to the country and decided to open up his own bed and breakfast lodge. Of course, you will feel like a guest in his home and enjoy his wonderful dinners and breakfasts.

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