Ninja Tours : Japan Motorcycle Touring

Motorcycle Tours of Japan with English Support

Ninja Tours : Japan Motorcycle Touring

Central Japan Alpine Riding Tour 5 Days/4 Nights: The RIDE is more important than the destination! (Summer / Autumn bookings only)

To you, a 1000 year old shrine is best observed in your rear view mirror. You’ve seen it all before, and now its time to put on your big boy pants and RIDE this country. We’ve got plenty of curves to throw at you. Can you handle it?
Our Tokyo round-trip tour will send you out on some of the best roads in Japan, with stops to catch your breath at some amazing ryokan and hotels.
Among the great roads you will get to experience is the amazing Shige Kustasu Skyline. Windy roads around an active volcano - Is that exciting enough for you? Combine that with the Bandai Azuma Skyline, and you’ve got our 5 day / 4 night ride!
Map view of intense riders course of Japan

The Ride:

Package INCLUDES professional routing of approximately 350 km a day of mountain roads a day, which will take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours of hard riding, depending on the route you select. We will also prepare alternate courses and routing so you can change the course to suit your amount of free time, your energy level or to take into account weather. The courses are planned BY RIDERS FOR RIDERS. Great Views and Great Roads…and lots and lots of riding.
Collage of intense riding photos taken from the roads around Japan

The Accommodations:

You’ll catch your breath in Kusatsu, Kashiwazaki, Inarashiro, and Nikko. Enjoy a soak in hot springs, and a delicious meal with local delicacies. Each place is hand picked for offering the best of services for motorcycle enthusiasts! Click on a city name to see more information!

Price List and Motorcycle Selection

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