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Ninja Tours : Japan Motorcycle Touring

Kyoto Motorcycle Tour 10 Days/9 Nights: Tokyo, Hakone, Toba, Kyoto/Lake Biwa, Gero, Mikatago, Shirakawago, Matsumoto, Kawaguchiko

Day 1: Hakone

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  • Enjoy a cruise on Lake Ashino, and take in a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji and the famous Hakone Torii.
  • Ride the famous Hakone Ropeway- the world’s second longest, and stop by volcanic springs.
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Day 2: Toba - Ise Jingu

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  • Home of the famous Mikimoto pearl divers. Explore the coastline and enjoy great views!
  • Visit one of the most important and sacred shrines in Japan, Ise Jingu! Watch and even join in as thousands of Japanese make their once in a lifetime pilgrimage.
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Day 3 and 4: Kyoto / Lake Biwa

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  • The original capital of Japan, and so full of World Heritage sites that it’s almost ridiculous!
  • You’ll appreciate having extra time here to visit some of the traditional sites, so take your time and enjoy!
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Day 5: Wakasa Bay and Mitaka 5 Lakes

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  • The Wakasa Bay area on the Japan Sea coast is famous for its rugged coastline and many lakes.
  • Ride around the mountains on the coast, and enjoy the breathtaking views!.
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Day 6: Gero Onsen

Collage of beautiiful images taken from the roads around Gero Onsen Japan
  • Visit one of the three best hot spring resorts in Japan!
  • Soak! Eat! Relax! Enjoy traditional sights!
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Day 7: Shirakawago and Takayama

Collage of beautiiful images taken from the roads around Shirakawago and Takayama Japan
  • Explore the World Heritage site of Shirakawa Village, where you can see traditional handicrafts and architecture from centuries ago!.
  • Go shopping in the old town area, where time stopped 400 years ago. Visit an old sake factory, and relax in a traditional tea shop!
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Day 8: Norikura and Matsumoto

Collage of beautiiful images taken from the roads around Norikura and Matsumoto Japan
  • Ride along and up and down curvy mountain roads in and around Matsumoto and Norikura
  • Enjoy breathtaking views around every curve, and stop by Matsumoto Castle to take in some history!
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Day 9: Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi

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  • Climb to the summit of Mt. Fuji during the summer months, or explore centuries-old mysterious caves in the Mt Fuji mountain range!
  • Looking for a wilder ride? How about FujiQ Highland, Japan’s premier roller coaster park and home to several world record coasters?
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The Ride

Collage of beautiiful images taken from the roads around on a Kyoto 10 day tour Japan
We’ll make sure to send you down some of the best roads on your 10 day ride. Just to give you an idea of what you can expect, the above collage is what we mean by breathtaking riding through the mountains! You will take this road as you travel between Norikura and Gero Onsen, so get ready!

The best of Japan is found on the road. From the charm of a rustic village to the kindness of the people in the countryside, you can experience a side of Japan most people never see.
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Price List and Motorcycle Selection

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