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NEW! Izu, Mt. Fuji via Hakone Riding Tour 3 Days/2 Nights accommodations: A balanced ride perfect for all skill levels!
We hit the roads and scouted out an incredible 3 days of riding around Mt. Fuji and into the Southern Alps. There is a fair amount of technical riding required, so stay focused and enjoy the intensity! We can adjust the difficulty of the ride based on your experience level, so please let us know if you want a slightly more merciful course!
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Tokyo to Nishi Izu Toi via Hakone and Shuzenji
Day 1
Leave Tokyo on a bit of highways, then off to local roads on the Ashinoko Skyline which winds along the mountains giving great views of both Mt. Fuji, Lake Ashi and Hakone.

Stop at Hakone lakeside and then continue along Izu Skyline, another very scenic mountain cruising road with many photo spots, and on to Shuzenji, a beautiful hot springs village.

From there your course continues along the Nishi Izu Skyline and on to your seaside hotel in the coastal village of Toi. Time permitting check out the gold mine there.

Accommodations: Standard class accommodations (upgrades available upon request)
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Day 2
Nishi Izu to Mt. Fuji
Leaving your Hotel today you will wind your way along the beautiful Nishi Zu Coastline (lots of Photo spots along the way) and on to Numazu where you will have a short run along the expressway before exiting into the foothills on the southern side of Mt. Fuji. Your route then continues along the Mt. Fuji Evergreen Line, which has some great viewing spots, and on past Lake Yamanaka on the Northern side of Mt Fuji. Ride up the Fuji Subaru Line to the highest accessible spot on Mt. Fuji for some Great photos. Continue on to your Hotel on the shores of Lake Saiko or Kawaguchiko. Total Distance is about 240km and it will take approx. 4 to 4.5hrs of riding time.

Accommodations: Standard class accommodations (upgrades available upon request)
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Mt Fuji to Tokyo
Day 3
You can have a relaxed start to the day, enjoy some of the many sightseeing attractions around Mt.Fuji and then follow some nice winding roads to Lake Sagami and then back onto the expressway to Tokyo. Distance is Approx. 150km and it will take 2 to 3hrs depending conditions
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