Ninja Tours : Japan Motorcycle Touring

Motorcycle Tours of Japan with English Support
Ninja Tours : Japan Motorcycle Touring

With Ninja Tours, we make touring Japan easy…

All Packages Include: Motorcycle Rental, Insurance, Gear, English GPS Navigation, and Standard Class Accommodations with Dinner and Breakfast!

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Norikura, Gero Onsen, and Mt. Fuji / Kawaguchi

Matsumoto Castle Norikura and Gero Onsen Tours with Venus Line for under $1350 for 3 nights
  • Ride around Mt. Norikura on the breathtaking Norikura Skyline!
  • Relax in the hot springs resort of Gero Onsen!
  • Take a ropeway ride for a panorama view.
  • Soak in hot spring baths of Norikura, Gero Onsen and Kawaguchi.
  • Standard accommodations + breakfast and dinner included!
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Mt. Fuji, Hot Springs and Heritage Tour (4 days / 3 nights)

Hakone Fuji and Shirakawago Motorcycle Tour Photos
  • Take in amazing views of Mt. Fuji from Lake Ashi.
  • Enjoy a ropeway ride for a panorama view.
  • Visit World Heritage Gassho villages in Takayama,
  • Soak in hot springs of Hakone, Kawaguchi-ko & Takayama.
  • Standard accommodations with breakfast & dinner included!
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Nikko, Kusatsu, & Hakuba Mountain Riding Tour (3 days / 3 nights)

Nikko Kusatsu and Hakuba Japan Motorcycle Tour Photos
  • Amazing roads through the Japan Alps!
  • Gape in awe at amazing landscapes.
  • World Heritage Sites? How about a night near Tosho-gu?
  • Enjoy the local cuisine!
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Tokyo to Kyoto Roundtrip Touring Packages (4 to 9+ nights)

5 days 4 nights in Toba Kyoto Gero and Mt Fuji with motorcycle rental
6 days 5 nights to Toba Kyoto Gero and Mt Fuji with rental motorcycle
10 days 9 nights to Hakone Toba Kyoto Wakasa Bay Gero Takayama Matsumoto and Mt Fuji on rental motorcycle
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