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Wakasa Bay / Mikatago 5 Lakes, Mie Prefecture

Is there any wonder why prehistoric tribes of people have lived in this area for thousands of years? The 5 lakes in Wakasa Bay are an amazing and breathtaking view. Enjoy the ride in and around the mountain ranges that circle the lakes, and enjoy feasting on the bounty of these lakes. Some of the lakes are are fresh-water, some are salt-water and some are brackish- the result is a unique wetlands area that is home to a wide variety of birds and marine life.

Map Mitakago Japan Tour
Collage Wakasa Bay Mikatagoko japan tour

Superior Accommodations : Add from 16,200~ yen/person

Located right on the coastline of one of the Mikatago lakes, relax in superior comfort. Enjoy an amazing view right from your balcony window, and treat yourself to a traditional kaiseki style dinner served in your own room! Of course, no stay would be complete without a relaxing bath at the end of your riding day!

Hotel Mikatago Suige japan tour

Deluxe Accommodations : Add from 8,400~ yen/person

Our deluxe option is also located next to the lakes, and offers expansive views from the outdoor baths. Enjoy seasonal specialties, and how about trying fugu? This poisonous pufferfish is changed into a delicious (and very safe) delicacy by a specially trained and licensed master chef!

Hotel Mikatago Irokasane japan tour

Standard Accommodations : INCLUDED in your package price!

Good food, comfortable futon, and comfortable bath! Really relaxing and laid back place to stay. Old style, traditional Japanese lodgings.

Hotel Mikatago Nijigakujima japan tour