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Ninja Tours : Japan Motorcycle Touring

Inawashiro, Fukushima Prefecture

Inawashiro is your staging area for an ascent and decent into the mountains and valleys of the Azuma-Bandai Roadway. If you have some free time, there is a beautiful lake here, and the ride around is refreshing and fun.

Map Inawashiro Japan Tour

Superior Accommodations : Add from 16,500~ yen/person

Upgrade your accommodations, and stay at the consistently top rated ryokan in Inawashiro! Beautiful bathing facilities, delicious foods, and a japanese style room with cut-above service are all featured here!
Hotel Inawashiro Seifutei tour

Deluxe Accommodations : Add from 8,400~ yen/person

Quiet elegance- You will need it- if not to recover from an all day ride, then definitely to get yourself ready for an incredible ride through the Bandai Roadway tomorrow. Elegant rooms, delicious food, and private baths await you.

Hotel Inawashiro Manyoutei tour