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Ninja Tours : Japan Motorcycle Touring

Mount Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture / Yamanashi Prefecture

The icon of Japan, Mt. Fuji, is just a couple of hours away from our office. If you visit us in summer, why not CLIMB Mt. Fuji? If you are looking for something easier, how about a ropeway ride up from Lake Kawaguchi to enjoy a spectacular view? Feeling adventurous? Don a hard had, and descend into the depths of Mt. Fuji and explore an ice cave! To warm up, be sure to try a pot of ‘houtou’ a regional specialty stew with flour noodles and miso soup.
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Superior Accommodations : Add from 16,200~ yen/person

Beautifully appointed Japanese rooms, a variety of hot springs baths, and superior dining in a ryokan that offers personalized service. There is no better way to rest after a day of riding and touring!

Hotel Fuji Hotel Konansou Japan Tour

Deluxe Accommodations : Add from 8,400~ yen/person

Located on the shores of Lake Kawaguchi, this hotel is surrounded by natural gardens and combines great views with a park-like grounds setting.

Hotel Fuji Fujiya Hotel Japan Tour

Standard Accommodations : INCLUDED in your package price!

Enjoy a night at a quaint Japanese style family inn. Locally grown and sourced produce proudly used in all meals!

Hotel Fuji Minshuku Marukei Japan Tour