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INTENSE Central Japan Alpine Riding Tour 5 Days/4 Nights: The RIDE is more important than the destination! (Summer / Autumn bookings only)

To you, a 1000 year old shrine is best observed in your rear view mirror. You’ve seen it all before, and now its time to put on your big boy pants and RIDE this country. We’ve got plenty of curves to throw at you. Can you handle it?

Special thanks to Steve C., who enjoyed this course last season, and provided photos and commentary!
Day 1
Tokyo to Kiso
Your first day of riding is a quick trip out of the city down south, past Mt. Fuji, and into the countryside. After taking a break in the Ikawa Lake area, you will get your first taste of some twisty roads leading to your accommodations.

Yuya Onsen is one of Japan's top 100 hot spring resorts, and over 1300 years of history. Enjoy a nice soak, and get plenty of sleep- a big day of riding awaits you tomorrow!

Accommodations: Standard Class with Dinner and Breakfast served
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"Off the expressway into the woods was great, every 100m was completely different to the last. Tracks were only the width of a small Japanese car, some of the road was clear and dry, other parts were wet, holes, bumps, tree debris etc which left only a very narrow patch to navigate. At times when there was no barrier and it was a steep 12 ft into the river or endless amount to the bottom on the mountain.
You wanted to look everywhere, but couldn't take your eyes off the road"
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Day 2
Kiso to Okuhida
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Day two is light on total mileage, but intense! 146km, -all twisty mountain roads, will take 4-5 hours or riding - You will go up through narrow twisty roads to Norikura, and then drop down into Hirayu/Hida Takayama via Shin Hotaka Ropeway, which is worth a stop, and really close to your hotel.

Accommodations: Standard Class with Dinner and Breakfast served
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"Day 2 had lots of great twistys and awesome views. Riding through one of the many tunnels, there was a big surprise coming out of one, when it opened up to a beautiful lake. 
Some really smooth road during the day, but the occasional huge road bump, easy to catch you out if you were admiring the scenery.

Rest of the day was riding through quiet and beautiful little towns, lots of waterfalls, rivers, bridges, tonnes of hairpins. Watch out for bears!

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Day 3
Okuhida to Matsunoyama Onsen
A relaxing day of riding, 288km, will take 5-6 hours of riding. You will be riding along Arimine Rindo, an awesome road. Ride along the Sea of Japan coastline to your accommodations

Accommodations: Standard Class with Dinner and Breakfast
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"A nice start to the day with plenty of flowing roads along the rivers, broken up by tunnel repair works for the occasional breather. Coming off the main roads and into sunshine filled countryside with small farming villages and a different type of view for the afternoon, passing the occasional shrine and stopping off at the cable car station for a stretch and the beautiful delight that is a hot coffee from a vending machine. Towards the end of the day, the Sea of Japan on the west coast came in to view which was very exciting to realise you have made it across the country already."
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Day 4
Matsunoyama Onsen to Inawashiro
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This will take something out of you- 293km, with about 6 hours of focused riding. This is a BIG ride. Start off with a ride on the Aonuma Skyline. This is only about 25km, but its very narrow, tight roads. A good challenging ride! Then you will ride through the Aizu National Park, quite beautiful twisty mountain road, the whole way, then up to Lake Hibara- all local roads, and stay focused!. You will have earned a hot soak in the hot springs awaiting you.

Accommodations: Standard Class with Dinner and Breakfast served
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"…Having been pre-warned that Day 4 was going to be a ‘big day’. I was pleased to say it was for all of the right reasons. The roads around the lakes could not have had any more corners in them if they tried, it was twist after turn after hairpin, again and again for almost the entire day. The lake was spectacular in the sunshine, however full concentration was required to navigate the complex route.

As per the previous days, the road conditions changed frequently with wet leafy patches, drainage gulleys and step drop-offs down the mountain. The final stretch took some time, through a local town and onto a simple hotel set on the edge of another beautiful lake."

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Day 5
Inawashiro to Tokyo
Final day- 306km, About 6 hours of riding- Ride down the Bandai Gold Line down past Lake Inawashiro, a scenic ride through the countryside. Then, onward to Mt. Jeans and through Nasu Kogen for one last set of twisty roads, on to the expressway and back to Tokyo by 1600
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"…it was a good couple of hours on the final twistys before heading back to the expressway bound for Tokyo. Every corner you didn’t want it to end as you knew the trip was coming to an end, and suddenly realised how quickly the week had gone and how much ground you had covered, riding from East to West and back again. Coming back to the buzz of the city was exciting as you’re riding in Tokyo, but deep down you wish you could just turn around and do it all again!"
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