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Ninja Tours : Japan Motorcycle Touring
Moto Guzzi V1200 4V Sport

Engine displacement: 1151cc. Arrangement: 90 degree V twin 4 valve 4 stroke with 6 speed transmission and shaft drive. Power: 77kw or 105hp at 7000rpm. Torque; 105 Nm at 6700rpm. Weight: 240kg. Seat Height: 800mm

The Ultimate Cruiser. The Ultimate Ride for 2 up! The smooth torque and power make it just so nice and so easy to ride. This is a bike best appreciated from the saddle, once on the road the great handling and agility have a distinctive sporty feel, it changes direction very nicely on those twisty mountain roads and while decidedly a sports type set-up, this is also an excellent touring machine, well designed for the rider and passenger to travel in style and comfort. Bottom Line;Ride it and you will be amazed. Its quick, agile and so smooth, Riders love seating position, the comfort and layout of the bike, and it looks great.
Moto Guzzi V1200 Japan motorcycle tour