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Ninja Tours : Japan Motorcycle Touring
Benelli Tre-K 1130

Engine displacement: 1130cc. Arrangement: 3 cylinders inline 4 stroke with 6 speed transmission. Power: 92kw or 123hp at 9000rpm. Torque; 115 Nm at 6250rpm. Weight: 205kg. Seat Height: 810mm

This is really a fun bike, with potent power, agile and responsive handling, ideally suited to twisty roads or easy cruising. The riding position will suit taller riders, not too high and the wide handlebars encourage an easy sit up straight stance. The windscreen height is adjustable to suit even the taller riders. From the first glance you will love the pure Italian styling and the sound of the snarling triple will stick in you memory forever. Bottom line. You will love it
Benelli Tre-k 1130 Japan motorcycle tour